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the Meadowfield Oaks

So, the Year Fours at Meadowfield reckoned that the old case contained a skull, dressing up clothes and a magical book that could fly into the air...amazing guesses..and the day grew from there. It was FAB! Recipes for Granny included a Cabbage Rolypoly and Icecream with a secret carrot cone. Baron Overblow stomped around the village - stomp, stomp, stomp - and meant it...the villagers really were in fear and trembling. At the meeting to decide whether to rescue Granny, nearly every Ferrish had their say - Teazle had a couple of loyal supporters - but the outcome is..We're off to Wyrm Island. 
The Oaks began to prepare amazing pictures of the Worzlum and to think of some really good words to persuade Teazle that life up top is not so bad. Some fantastic thinking already happening about how all of us are different and we must try to accept it. Teazle would be impressed..Good Luck!
Looking forward to hearing whether your Headteacher liked your new recipes...and seeing you all next week.
Way Haul Away!
Luke and Carry


We loved it today, we hope we have as much fun next Tuesday, We're sure we will!!!! Lots of love, The Ferrish of Oak Class.

Hey Oak Class - see you all tomorrow. We really look forward to having a look at your Worzlums and discovering if you have the words we need to persuade Teazle - fingers crossed... Luke and Carry

Hi Luke & Carry! We can't wait to see you tomorrow to continue our adventure! We have designed some amazing Worzlums - very scary indeed! We hope you enjoy reading our letters Teazle too! See you soon 4JW

Dear Carry and Luke, My favourite part of Grannies Underground Garden was when Rhys and Charlotte went into the labrynth of petrefirified people.I thougth it was amazing because it was creepy.Because all of the statues stared at them.Thank you

Dear Carry and Luke, I really enjoyed the drama that you did with our class. I thought it was all really exciting and interesting. The part I enjoyed was when everybody boogied when they made the potion because it was very interesting. I hop eyou can come back to our school very soon!

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