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In The Woods

In the Woods
In the Heart of the Wood lives the Wild Man of The Wood. He is the music and dance and song of The Wood. He is the Life and Soul and Spirit of The Wood. He looks after the Wood and helps it grow and blossom and fruit. Every Winter he goes to sleep and Every Spring, when the sap rises, he wakes and looks after the Wood again.
This year, when he awoke and brought blossom and leaf and new shoots three characters met together in a dark corner of the wood and complained about The Wild Man - as they often did. These three were Jack Frost, Old Man Winter and Lady Lackleaf. They didn’t like spring and summer. They didn’t like the dancing and music and singing so they plotted together to bring Winter back forever.
The children are cast in the role of expert problem solvers.
Sessions 1 and 2 are training missions.
The training missions provide the children with the opportunity to develop and fine hone their skills. They demonstrate how they could go to the bottom of the ocean to solve a deep sea problem. They show how they could journey into the earth to help with a sensitive issue. They learn how to use expert equipment, communicate with strangers, use their negotiating skills etc... They invent and perform dances, sing songs, share their knowledge of language and whisper to the trees.
Session 3 prepares the children for a real trip into the woods ….
And in Session 4 the children have been called by the ‘shaman’ or ‘sage’ of the woods. The real trip into the woods begins. The overall mission will be to use all of their training, experience and expertise to bring back the spirit of the woods who left many moons ago.