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Alive & Kicking ONLINE SPECIALS!

Alive & Kicking Online is a live, interactive, online experience for your class. Here's some examples of what we can offer. And we can develop new materials to match the work you are delivering in school.
Save Frederick The Fisherman!
(for Reception – Year 2)
It was a beautiful day when Frederick went out in his rowing boat. The sun was up, the waves were calm and the fishing was going well. And then it happened! Frederick felt the wind go cold, the waves began to break over each other and the sun disappeared behind dark clouds.
From the bottom of the ocean hands were stretching up ready to pull Frederick down, down, down unless …. And that’s where you come in. Help save Frederick!
"Your expertise at bringing 'Fredrick the Fisherman' to life online and the multiple ways in which you bring the audience and children into the story was exhilarating. Our students learned so much about integrating curriculum through story and the importance of democratic learning."  

Lisa Stephenson, Course Leader MA Drama & Creative Writing in Educatio


The Museum Of Untold Stories
(for Years 1-6)
Aladdin had his lamp, Bilbo had a magic ring, Doctor Who wields her sonic screwdriver! All objects with a story – but The Museum Of Untold Stories is full of objects that have lost their story. Stories lost in time. Now, Icarus Bly from the museum is looking to you for help in making brand new stories for them. After all, what would the world be like without stories?

Thanks again for such a wonderful drama session. They loved the whole experience - thank you! 
Emily Stephenson, teacher from Chapel Allerton Primary School

"Thanks so much, the children really enjoyed the session.  They liked acting out the parts, sharing their ideas, planning a story together. Grace liked making up an idea for a story on the spot based on the object.  They were all engaged and followed the session.  The session was definitely inclusive and all the children are currently developing their own plans and ideas. We love your sessions, so just keep doing what you do.  It always inspires us and the children!"
Marie-Claire Peacey, teacher at St Anthony's Primary School, Beeston


Bringing the curriculum to life
(for Years 3-6)
How would your class like to talk with Galileo? Do they have questions for Captain Cook? Are you studying Romans and would like to meet with Hadrian or Caesar? Perhaps you would like to talk with a survivor of the Blitz, to interrogate a Victorian Workhouse Superintendent, or Leeds’ own famous Suffragette?

"A huge huge thank you for this morning - the children gained so much from both zoom calls and are eager to continue with this tomorrow. Both classes had a discussion this afternoon regarding the writing and the majority of the children want to write about The Blitz or Evacuation whilst a couple are intrigued by the first task - Feeling Incomplete. We hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did and thank you so much for coming up with such an inspiring idea for our children!"
Hannah Taylor, teacher at St Anthony's Primary School, Beeston


We have created several packages each including a pre-event conversation with teachers, preparation materials and follow up challenges.
For more information and to book please email aliveandkicking@ntlworld.com