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The Bottom of The Bottom of The Bottom of the Sea

The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea 
For Nursery, Reception and Year 1
Come across the fields, over the mountains and down to the harbour where we'll see the boat that will take us out into a new world … a world where you will meet Old Tom down by the harbour and The Skipper who needs us to crew her boat – a world of sails, anchors, scrubbing the decks, fishing, mermaids and story telling with The Queen Of The Bottom Of The Sea.
A half-day adventure that leads into storymaking and storytelling.  A fantastic opportunity for a school’s youngest children to get a taste of making drama. 
 “I liked it when I was a flower that was blue.”
Child from Puffin Reception class Horsforth West End Primary
“Joseph had a wonderful morning, he hasn’t stopped talking about his adventure. Thank you everybody.”
Alison Thornton  - Parent from Farsley Farfield Primary School
“the storytelling – so animated and confident …… I could never tell a story like that, even if I wanted to. Really skilled…. Great balance of interaction!”
Teacher St Patrick’s Primary School, Leeds