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Gawain And The Green Knight

Written by Martin Riley
Age Group – Years 5 and 6
No. of children – One class
Length of project – Two whole day visits from the company over a week.
An epic drama and creative writing project for years five and six, based on the classic myth, Gawain and the Green Knight. The company will work with one class of children over two weeks. Together, your children will undertake an unforgettable journey: creating settings, exploring dilemmas and working together to solve problems along the way. All of Gawain’s original adventure is there but with the addition of a new perspective, that of his squire - a young girl who helps him along the way. Not only that, the missing story elements of the original poem will be re-created and developed into pieces of writing by the children themselves, almost without them realising it! The company has brought this project to over 40 schools during the last two years. Teachers and children have found it to be a superb stimulus …
‘The children were so excited by the drama, they were still doing it in the playground!’
Sue Young, Year 6 Teacher, St Nicholas Primary
‘The drama had a huge impact on the children’s writing – especially the boys. Their writing had never been as strong and visually clear before’
Owen Bayly, Year 5 Teacher, Calverley Parkside Primary.
The package includes:
• 2 full day visits from the company
• Teachers briefing
• Full Resource Pack with material for work right across the curriculum Resource Pack
Gawain and the Green Knight has a wonderful resource pack designed by Andrew Wilkinson, Year 6 teacher at Farsley Farfield Primary School, to accompany the production. The pack focuses on creating new contexts for writing, literacy, history, art and creativity and provides teachers and children with an opportunity to explore a range of skills and themes linked to the magical world of Arthurian legends. There are nine in-depth resources, which include a pictorial guide to medieval life, the art of being a knight, medieval e-bay and dangerous beast top trumps. The pack has clear lesson plans including linked in drama ideas for each resource, printable A4 worksheets, guided reading materials and all the information in interactive whiteboard format. Full resource pack available on booking - please find a sample of our resource pack on this page.