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It happened in Leeds! A project for every class.
A Royal Visit! Foundation and Year 1  Charles Brown from the Foreign Office is here along with His Majesty the King of Mangrovia who is on a cultural visit. His Majesty is fascinated with history and wants to learn more about what it was like living in past times in Leeds. During the visit we use drama to relive the building and travelling along the Leeds Liverpool Canal, working in Mills and remembering the time Queen Victoria visited Leeds. His Majesty will also be interested in what things have changed through history and what has remained the same, looking at games, shopping, songs, holidays and home life.
Having fun in Historical Leeds Year 2 and 3 Charles Brown from the Foreign Office is not only in charge of royal visits – he is an antiquarian and historian and lots of fun. He has been given the task of collecting information about how people from Leeds had fun in past ages. He is particularly interested in the Circus (e.g. elephant in the ginnel) games – and Leeds and surrounding area in the last century. This project will include drama, image theatre and tableaux, hot-seating, photography and video evidence.
Leeds and the Viking Warriors Year 4 This is a drama based story-making Viking adventure from the time when Vikings ruled Leeds, during which we create our ownViking sagas. Beowulf is brought to life as we explore Viking history, culture and mythology before being formed into warrior bands and sent on separate missions. There will be enacting of the quests, and the renaming of the warrior bands as well as a celebration of their achievements. There is a chance afterwards for writing the saga of their adventures.
Leonora Cohen – Leeds’ own suffragette! Year 5 A time travel visit from a suffragette – and a sceptical chauvinist squire! Leonora was the milliner and watchmaker’s wife who threw the iron bar at a display in the Tower of London as a protest against the treatment of women  and got arrested but conducted her own defence so brilliantly that she was acquitted! She campaigned long and hard for women’s rights and votes – and was once arrested and imprisoned in Armley Jail for throwing stones. She lived through World War 1 and saw women (over 30) given the vote in 1918. She died in Leeds at the grand age of 105! This session uses drama, not only to bring her to life – but also the issues and causes that she fought so hard for.
Leodis!! Hadrian’s Wall and beyond Year 6. We become the inhabitants of Rome: gladiators, patricians, slaves, charioteers, soldiers, fishers, miners, farmers – and meet Hadrian in the Roman Forum where we are recruited to join his expedition to unruly Britain. We arrive in our training camp in Loedis where we take on the unruly Bragantes tribe of Celts. Our purpose is to build a wall and perhaps discover what happened to the missing 9thlegion. After extensive training with the forthright Centurion, Lucius Dentatus, we are dispatched on a mission to make a treaty with the Celtic tribe resident in what is now Yorkshire. We have life-changing decisions to make – and who knows what we will find when we arrive at the site of Hadrian’s Wall – and meet the Scots!
An alternative for year 5 or 6. The Victorian Workhouse in Leeds. We invite staff and children into role in a variety of ways, all exploring elements of Victorian life in industrial Yorkshire. We meet Lord Stokes, from the Poor Law Reform Society, a member of The House of Lords and Chairman of the newly formed Workhouse Inspection Committee. Staff are asked to prepare themselves to be in role as the Workhouse Supervisors in charge of the workhouse children. We provide preparation notes to help with this. As we approach The Archway Entrance to the Workhouse we see it is called is “The Archway of Tears”. We find out why together and investigate aspects of Victorian life selected from topics like Children in Victorian England, kinds of employment and survival on the streets, character backstories, street markets, work songs, life in the Mills, the Mines, The Match Factory, Chimney Sweeping and more. This can be run with or without a twilight parents’ session.