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Ready to visit schools face to face and online.

At Alive & Kicking we have a huge face to face and online track record. 
Our portfolio, some of which is online, some of which we can offer face to face, and some of which we deliver as a combination of online and face to face includes:
Marvellous Monarchs: a visit from the King of Mangrovia for Nursery and Reception
A trip to The Bottom Of The Bottom of The Bottom of The Sea for Reception and Year 1
A Sideways Look at Cinderella for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2
An underground journey into The Stone Age with The Cave for KS1 and KS2
Hands-on research will engage Years 5 and 6 in World War Two
The aftermath of the hundred-year wave in Lighthouse Island for Years 3 and 4
Solving the mystery of The Woman At The Top Of The Mountain with KS2 classes
The Museum Of Untold Stories: a drama-inspired whole-school or key stage storymaking experience 
History Week explores local life as a KS1, KS2 or whole school event
Children and parents record their stories together in Where the Heart Is
Year 5 and 6 explore the history of the Stephenson family’s lighthouse building in The Seven Hunters and face living with danger.
We can support KS2 teachers as they deliver Volcano Island. We'll provide the planning, ways of delivering the work and support online at every stage of the children's adventure in which they will find themselves living in an imaginary world and coping with change in their lives.
And we are offering workshops on Romans, Vikings, Victorians, Beowulf, and Knights of The Round Table.
Let's keep in touch. 0113 295 8190 and aliveandkicking@ntlworld.com