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The Museum of Untold Stories

The Museum of Untold Stories is a mysterious playground for the imagination, a magical place to inspire storytelling and promote drama and literacy. The Museum exists outside time and space in the World of Imaginative Reality and can turn up anywhere.…
The Museum is run by its eccentric Curators, whose passion is collecting the sometimes ordinary, sometimes strange and magical things that are at the centre of a stories: King Arthur’s sword, the Porridge Bowl that belonged to the Little Bear or The Ring that Frodo has to destroy. But there are also many marvellous and intriguing objects with no story: a carved ram’s horn, an old clockwork mechanism with suns, moons and stars, a painting of an old woman with piercing eyes. Your children, aided by the Curators and their friends from Alive & Kicking Theatre will find the missing tales, bring them to life, and add them to the big, beautiful - and so far, blank - Book of Untold Stories.
How it will work in School The Museum will be installed in a host school for a minimum of two days. Individual classes from the host and perhaps from neighbouring schools will visit the Museum for a half day each. During their visit, your children will work with two Alive and Kicking company members, using drama and problem solving to create stories for the mystery objects that lurk on the dusty shelves of the Museum. They will come away with a head full of ideas, inspiration and their own object from the Museum – for which they must write a story to be added to the Book of Untold Stories and the online Museum catalogue.
The project is accompanied by a wonderful cross curriculum resource pack designed by Andrew Wilkinson from Burley and Woodhead Primary: ‘The resource pack was great – the perfect springboard into the rest of the curriculum. I am going to share it with the whole staff’. Sally Spavin, Deputy Head, Pudsey Tyersal Primary School.
Each visit will include a teacher briefing, a half day working with the company, cross curricular resource pack, A blank Book of Untold Stories and access to the interactive online materials.
The Museum is also a perfect site for staff training sessions, parental involvement and whole school enhancement weeks.
Please contact us to discuss how we can adapt the project to your school’s requirements. 
How it will work in community venues
 We are looking for community partners in Leeds to help us bring the show out on the road. If you are linked to a community space, Arts Festival or have an idea how we could site the Museum in the big wide world, please get in touch. There are objects out there looking for stories.....