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The Princess Who Couldn't Play

Written by Martin Riley
Age Group - Years 1 and 2        Number of Pupils - Two Classes
Time scale - 3 week version or 2 week version
The Land of Lyonesse is in great peril! The Wicked Witch, Augusta Grimknickers has placed a curse on Princess Leonora. The Princess has become grumpy, grisly and all other horrible words beginning with the letter G. She has forgotten how to play her beloved games, she can no longer stand even the smell of her favourite food, chocolate cake. Worse still it has begun to rain in Lyonesse and if the curse is not lifted by the time the Princess reaches her 18th birthday the Land of Lyonesse will sink beneath the sea forever!
The children go on a mission to teach the Princess how to play again. Along the way there are plenty of opportunities for pupils to develop their use of language, persuasive writing, problem solving as well as art, song-writing and lots of play. In helping the grumpy princess, children also explore ways of making and keeping friends, understanding other people’s feelings and encouraging positive behaviour. This project explores playground games, old and new, and provides the opportunity to develop strong intergenerational and local community links.  There are moments when family members, friends of your school and local community can be invited into the sessions.