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Where The Heart Is

Where The Heart Is  -  story building with family groups 
What is home?
Home is your house, your flat, the place where you sleep.  It is the smell of food drifting in from another room.  It is the poster on a bedroom wall and the box under your bed with all its secrets.  Home is the street outside, the gate that doesn’t shut properly, the corner shop with the lady behind the counter who always has a cold.  Home is your city and how it smells after rain on a damp autumn evening.  It is the strange place you have just moved to where everything is new.
Home is the shouting, the relaxing, the watching, the crying and the laughing.
Home is friends, family and strangers who have just popped round and knocked on the door. Home is the travelling from one world to another, the leaving and the arriving.  It is the wishing you were there or wishing you were far away from it.
Home is the stories you tell and the stories you hear. 
Home is where the heart is.
What is home for you?  Let us help you answer that question. Using a series of tried and tested workshop exercises we will explore the idea of home as a group and in individual child/parent pair.
Using drama, writing, art and film we will help each develop a story with each couple. Each story will be professionally sound recorded to make a high quality “Radio/story play”. These will be made available for the individual groups and the school to keep. Through imagination, conversation and explorative processes the groups will look at the use of fact based and fiction story telling.
The nature of our practice allows the child to take a lead though drama (role play) and thus become the mentor to their adult counterpart.  This offers opportunities to not just be collaborators but also creative leaders within the project.